Structure Similarity Network

This chart shows links between structures in the adult mouse brain atlas that have a high degree of gene expression correlation. Correlations were computed for all coronally imaged probes over all structures in the adult mouse brain structure graph. Expression data and structure information were downloaded using the API and processing was performed by the python numpy numerics library.

The outer rings are a visualization of the mouse brain ontology with high level structures are on the outside and detailed structures on the inside. This is done using a D3 radial partition layout. The lines are a hierarchical bundling of the estimated links, which is to say that lines with the same parent structures are bundled together.

Hover over structure arcs to highlight connections attached to that structure. Hover over a connection to identify its endpoints. Try different structure scaling options by clicking the buttons below. Structures can be scaled uniformly or by volume.

Structure Size:

Documentation and Resources Python/numpy connection correlation computation script.
structures.js Script for importing correlation results and visualization. Script enabling cross-origin AJAX requests in IE8 and IE9.
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structures.tar.gz Archived source code.