Cross-Stage Image Synchronization

This page demonstrates how to use the API to retrieve a developing mouse ISH section image from one data set and find the nearest view of other developmental stages with the same gene using the image_to_image method. This is accomplished by querying the RMA for SectionDataSets displaying the same gene as the source section, but limited to a specific set of developmental stages in the developing mouse product.

It also shows how image_to_atlas can be used to synchronize the original section with a large set of reference atlases. The set of displayed atlases is limited to the same developmental stages as those used to request ISH images for the image_to_image method.

To start with a different source section, append a sectionImageId to the URL string of this page. For example: try section 101171299.

Documentation and Resources

stagesync.js: Data importing and page layout documentation. Script enabling cross-origin AJAX requests in IE8 and IE9.

modernizr.svg.js: Script detects if the browser supports SVG.

stagesync.tar.gz: Archived source code.