Manual Annotation

A subset of the developing mouse ISH data was manually annotated to describe intensity and pattern of expression. This example demonstrates how to retrieve manually annotated data and understand it in the context of developing mouse ontology structures.

The diagrams on this page were drawn to represent the level 5 developing mouse brain structures. This example downloads the manual annotation data for a single gene at one developmental stage and colors structures according to their intensity, density, and pattern. To recompute these diagrams for a different gene and developmental stage, append a dataSetId parameter to this URL. For example: try data set 100076691.

For comparison, a separate diagram colored by structure expression energy values pulled from the StructureUnionize table of the API has also been included. Expression energy is value computed after automatically analyzing the magnitude of expression in ISH images.

Structure Colors

Manual Annotation Intensity

Manual Annotation Density

Manual Annotation Pattern

Expression Energy

Documentation and Resources

manannot.js: Data importing and page layout documentation. Script enabling cross-origin AJAX requests in IE8 and IE9.

modernizr.svg.js: Script detects if the browser supports SVG.

Level_5_diagram.svg: SVG diagram used above.

manannot.tar.gz: Archived source code.