Spatial Target Search


The spatial search feature in the Allen Mouse Connectivity Atlas retrieves experiments with above threshold projection signal in a particular target location within a 3D reference space. The experiments are returned in rank order by highest to lowest projection density at the location. The search results display the computational paths from target location to the injection sites. Each path is a computationally computed minimum cost path through high projection density areas. Refer to the informatics whitepaper for a more detailed description of the informatics processing pipeline.

This example shows how to download these paths and visualize them in 3D in the browser using the three.js JavaScript library. Paths are colored by the structure color of the primary injection site. The colored spheres at the end of each path are scaled in proportion to the volume of the experiment's injection site. The white sphere is positioned at the spatial search seed point.

You can change the seed point below. Click this search link to open a spatial search targeted at the current seed point. Be patient -- reinitializing the geometry can take a moment.

Note: your browser must support WebGL to view this demo.

Documentation and Resources

spatial_search.js Three.js visualization documentation.
spatial_search.tar.gz Archived source code.