Expression Scatter Plot

This page generates a scatter plot of expression values for two gene probes from human microarray samples. Those samples can come from one or more of the donors.

Each circle in the plot corresponds to a sample. The circle's horizontal position encodes the value for one probe, its vertical position the other probe. The circle's color indicate's the sample's structure.

The scatter plot has been generated using the D3 JavaScript library. Move the mouse cursor over a circle to see precise expression values and other information below.

Note that the retrieved expression values are on a base 2 logarithmic scale, so they may be negative.

x Expr:
y Expr:

Documentation and Resources

scatter.js Data importing and parsing documentation. Script enabling cross-origin AJAX requests in IE8 and IE9.
modernizr.svg.js Script detects if the browser supports SVG.
scatter.tar.gz Archived source code.